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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Carlo di Carli

Carlo di Carli (1910-1999) was born in Milan was an Italian designer and architect. He earned his reputation as one of the masters of Italian design in the 1940s and 1950s while working with Gio Ponti.

In 1954 his 683 Cassina chair won the Compasso d'Oro award, and in 1957 he founded the review Il Mobile Italiano in order to review how furniture was made and document furniture makers in various regions. He was a key figure in bringing Italian furniture to the international market, and he worked with students at the Politecnico di Milan and Torino and the Universitario di Architettura di Venezia.

An exhibition of his work was held in 2011 at the Triennale Design Museum.

From and

Coffee table


Club chairs

Dining table

Lounge chair

Settee Model 159

Dining chairs for M. Singer & Sons

Lounge chairs

Split-back settee

Bar cart

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Noguchi Museum

Japanese-American sculptor and designer Isamu Noguchi founded the Noguchi Museum to display what he considered representative examples of his body of work. Noguchi identified himself foremost as a sculptor, considering his other designs primarily sources of income. The museum opened in 1985 in Long Island City, New York.

The museum complex is an open-air sculpture garden within a building containing ten galleries. Visitors enter the two-story building through the sculpture garden. The bottom floor houses the permanent collection of the artist's work, while the upper floor presents temporary exhibitions of his work. The building itself is considered one of Noguchi's finest works.

Featured objects include his Akari Light Sculptures, lamps made from washi paper and bamboo ribbing, which were first produced in Japan in the 1950s, as well as his furniture designs, including the Noguchi table, which is still manufactured by Herman Miller.

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Isamu Noguchi

Akari Light Sculptures

Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden 

Gallery View

Tsuneko San, 1931

Mother and Child, 1944-1947

Folded Torso, 1958-1959

Shodo Flowing, 1960-1962

Walking Void #2, 1970
Narrow Gate, 1981

Monday, April 28, 2014

Textile wall hangings

Some of you love them. Some of you hate them. I'm in the love camp, and I've found one I think I may have to buy.

Offered by Native Line, these extraordinary tapestries grabbed my attention when I happened upon them on Pinterest. I immediately went to the site, and as hard as it was to narrow my choice, I finally settled on the Pamuya.


Prices range from $425 to over $2100, but there is one on the site right now that's marked down to $156.

Copper Serpentine


Golden Incan Zig

Electric Zag

Solar Flare wall hanging

Golden Incan Palace

Grouping of wall hangings

Saturday, April 26, 2014

In the store: HUGE sale

Now through May 2, we're having the biggest sale we've ever held. Almost all our vintage modern pieces are marked down, many 25-30%, quite a few 50-60% and some as much as 76% off.

If you've always wanted to shop with us but haven't yet, now is the time...even if you're not local. Call Joe and ask about shipping.

Pair of 1959 Lightolier pendants (new old stock) - $400

C. Jere Brass Lamp - $750

8 Moller Chairs - $3400

4 Salterini Chairs - $1200

Florence Knoll Sofa - $2200

Hans Wegner Sideboard -  $3400

Friday, April 25, 2014

In the store: Swedish teak chests

These adorable Swedish chests made their way onto the floor recently. Measuring 26" W x 16" D x 32" H, they're the perfect size for nightstands, and look at all those drawers!

Swedish chests in teak

Alternate view of chests

Swedish chests with scads of drawers

Thursday, April 24, 2014

In the store: Gio Ponti lamp

This stunning Laurel lamp attributed to Gio Ponti is now in the store. It has a gorgeous profile and is in overall very good vintage condition, with only an age-appropriate scratch here and there.

Laurel floor lamp attributed to Gio Ponti

Top view of lamp

Front close-up of lamp

Side close-up of lamp

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

PANYL reinvents IKEA

Some people cringe at the mention of IKEA, but I'm perfectly happy with the Expedit in my bathroom, as well as the cabinets in my kitchen and bathroom. I have no problem using IKEA products in a room that's going to get a lot of dampness or hard use, where I wouldn't want to put one of my nicer vintage pieces.

Expedit in my bathroom

A couple of years ago, Tanya at Dans le Townhouse did a PANYL giveaway. At the time, I loved the look of the product, and I was fascinated when she said that the company had some great ideas on the horizon. Now here we are, two years later, and that promise has come true. They are offering their product in solid colors, chevrons, dots, stripes, Moroccan patterns, woodgrains and specialty finishes.

PANYL is a no-VOC high-tech adhesive vinyl that doesn't fade or peel, emits no off-gasses and, in most cases, can be removed later without causing any damage to or leaving any residue on underlying surfaces. It comes in a huge array of solid colors, chevrons, dots, stripes, Moroccan patterns, woodgrains and specialty finishes. You can buy it by the roll or pre-cut to fit specific IKEA pieces, even your old Expedit, which sadly has been discontinued.

If you're thinking right about now that covering furniture with self-adhesive vinyl doesn't have its roots in mid-century decor, you should have seen the cool bar I created in the 60s out of an old Zenith TV cabinet, some paint, plywood and a roll of Con-Tact paper. I was pretty sure I was the coolest DIYer in town! Con-Tact paper was new, and we were slapping it on everything that would sit still.

My grandsons have the IKEA Kura bed. You can believe it gets some hard use and may need a pick-me-up someday! It comes in white, but look at how a PANYL product jazzes it up.

Kura in Lemon Drop

For now I like the Knipsa baskets in my Expedit, but I can imagine a time when I might consider a change.

Here are a few more IKEA pieces that have been skillfully hacked by applying PANYL products, which the company says is foolproof.

Malm dresser in Thunder

Expedit in Teal Diagonals

Billy bookshelf in Maduro Quatrefoils

Latt kids' table and chairs in Day-Glo







I haven't purchased any PANYL products, nor have I had any other dealings with the company, but I think their product would be great in a modern kid's room. The product can be bought by the roll, so it might be something to consider if you have some unsightly flat drawer fronts to reface in a kitchen or bathroom.

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