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Monday, October 7, 2013

In the store: No, really...IN the store

I kept the boys while my daughter and SIL reset the store Saturday night. That used to be a 3-hour job when the store was 1500 square feet. Now that the store is 4000 square feet, my daughter got there at 4:30 Saturday afternoon, and the two of them moved furniture till about 1 a.m. (Anyone who thinks having a store is all fun and games has never reset a floor.)

As usual, their hard work paid off, because the store looks beautiful. Here are a few peeks.


  1. Looks great - just needs a few Olivetti posters on the walls!

    1. Rob and Ton, I'll pass that suggestion along to Joe and Jenn. :) I think a cool typewriter would look great in room vignettes.

  2. They did a great job, Dana!! The store looks amazing, please tell them from me!

    1. I will certainly tell them. They'll appreciate that, because moving all that furniture can be an arduous and sometimes thankless job.

  3. Looks really great Dana, I can see the effort, it's seemless! xx

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