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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wieler Greenbelt Houses

Wieler is a present-day builder offering the iconic mid-century Greenbelt House design of Ralph Rapson as a modular home. The Greenbelt was the #4 Case Study House that was unbuilt during the original project. These homes start at 576 square feet with the Starter model and range up in size to the Greenbelt 2, which is 2660 square feet.

The Greenbelt Starter can be used as a guest house or detached office. It features floor-to-ceiling windows, an efficient kitchen, utility room and bathroom. 

Greenbelt Starter

The split-level Greenbelt 1½ includes an additional module underneath the bedroom/office area. The extra space can be used as a garage or finished to provide additional living space.

Greenbelt 1½

The Greenbelt 2 is the largest of the Greenbelt designs, with up to four bedrooms and three full bathrooms. Featuring large kitchen and living areas, the Greenbelt 2 is ideal for big families. It was submitted to the Dwell Home Design Invitational in 2003. 

Greenbelt 2

With large front and rear decks and floor-to-ceiling windows, the Greenbelt Piloti is particulary at home in natural settings and temperate climates. The elevated design allows for storage, parking, and utilities to be located underneath the main living area. This reduces the overall footprint and makes the Piloti ideal for small lots or challenging home sites. 

Greenbelt Piloti

The Greenbelt Walkout is designed for sloped home sites. The fact that it's intended to be built into a hillside allows for a full-height basement that can easily be converted into living or office space.

Greenbelt Walkout

I was excited to stumble upon the Wieler site when I was researching Ralph Rapson and the Case Study Houses, because I've spent a couple of years looking for a floor plan for a small apartment and hadn't had much luck finding a layout I really liked. I'm really interested in the Starter version of this house, because I've been telling my daughter and SIL for ages now that when I get really old and gray, I'm going to plop a modular home in their back yard and move in. (Yes, you probably hear them groaning right now.)

I think the Starter floor plan would be perfect for a guest house...or a detached mother-in-law's apartment. And how cool would it be to have your own little Case Study House?


  1. I love the Greenbelt 2 and the Piloti. I would love to live in either one of those!

  2. I could live with the Starter in our back yard. I'm not saying you and your dogs could live in it. OK, OK--just kidding, Mo.

  3. You build the Piloti, and I'll put the Starter behind it, and we'll all live happily ever after. :)