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Monday, May 21, 2012

Vecco: The answer to the rug dilemma?

We mid-century/retro lovers constantly bemoan the fact that good period rugs are either impossible to find, or if we do find them, they're prohibitively expensive. Designer Elise Metzger may have solved our problem.

According to the website, Vecco is a painting technique for creating rugs and carpets inspired by you. With stencils, colorant sprays and sealants, you make custom designs that will tie any room together. With 13 colors (sage, golden yellow, rust, merlot, dark brown, dark blue, blue, hot pink, purple, orange, bright green, gray and dark gray)  and 147 beautiful stencils to choose from, the design possibilities are almost endless. Kits are available, or you can buy items separately.

Vecco works best with nylon and polyester rugs in a cut pile, rather than a loop weave. The colorant does not adhere to olefin and polypropylene carpets, which has a continuous loop. A saxony cut pile, plush or velvet cut pile, or a friezé/shag rug is recommended. The site has a handy rug guide with pictures, in case you're not sure what to buy, or you can buy a rug from their site.

The website give step-by-step instructions for this DIY project, and the really cool thing is that mistakes need not worry you. The colorant vacuums right up until you apply the sealant, so nothing is set in stone until you love your rug. 

Vecco stencils come in a variety of geometric, chevron, floral, animal and alphabet designs. They even carry stencils suitable for kids' rooms. Here are a just a few examples of the many stencils (and stencil combinations) you'll find.

Birchy Grove stencil pattern
Stark Bark stencil pattern

Birchy Grove and Stark Bark stencil combined
Diamond Bling stencil pattern

Diamond Bling stencil
 combined with Happy Daisy, Wild Waves and
 in an owl design
Awesome Blossoms stencil pattern

Awesome Blossoms rug
Bubbly stencil pattern

Bubbly rug
Fast Forward stencil pattern
Fast Forward  rug
Laughing Lines rug
Buzzed  rug
Better Basics rug
Charmed Classic Link stencil pattern
Jazzy Dots stencil pattern
Laughing Lines 3 stencil pattern
Mushabloom  stencil design

Vecco products will be available on for the next few days, so check there too.


  1. Great idea! Many endless possibilities, great find Dana!

    1. I don't really need a rug...but it looks like so much fun to do that I might make one anyway. :)

  2. That owl is a HOOT! Love the idea of creating a rug to suit the mid mod mindset.

    1. I kinda figured someone would think the owl was cute...but I didn't know WHOOO.

  3. Hi Dana, hopping over from Pams (Virginia Retro). The rug stencils are really cool. I once painted a canvas floor rug and I loved and used it for quite some time. I am now following you.

    1. Welcome, Jann! I'm so glad you found me through Pam's blog. A canvas rug sounds great. I bet that Simply Spray fabric paint would be perfect for that project.

  4. These all pattern and colour really so cool. I glad you got a great rug at a good price too, especially i like blossoms rug. I want to make this type of rugs.