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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blogger Day of Silence for Sandy Hook

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  1. This and other shootings like this are very sad and disturbing and my heart goes out to all who have been victimized by crimes like this. I've never been interested in guns and I'll never understand the fascination that so many people outside of the hunting community have with them. Is it fear, is it the need to out do the other guy by having the biggest most powerful or the most guns. Why do assault rifles or semi-automatic handguns need to be made so readily and easily available to the masses and why are there so many shows on television now based on glamorizing them. There are many other programs I enjoy that are of completely un-gun related topics that still manage to tie in gun references or show someone completely decimating cardboard cutouts of humans etc. Why? What is the point other than to sell paranoia and fear and teach people who may have mental instability or lack morals than you can solve your problems with the squeeze of a trigger?
    Sorry Dana I’m not trying to use your blog as a soapbox.