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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


While doing a quick Etsy look-see, I happened upon a craftsman whose work I love. Matthew Bietz does business as Quartertwenty and makes some of the most striking furniture and accessories I've seen in a while. Mixing steel and wood, his designs are as practical as they are beautiful.

I am particularly enthralled by the 10 x 42 Bench, as you will see from the multiple photos below. I find the repurposed live edge plank and the polished edge on the pitted, black H-beam absolutely stunning. I also love the Stirrup shelf brackets and may have to get a set for myself.

If you want to know more about Quartertwenty, a visit to the website offers more information.

Oh..and I almost forgot. Matt makes skateboards too. He even offers you a drink and a place to ride if you stop by his Portland, Oregon, shop. Who could ask for more?

10 x 42 Bench

Alternate view of 10 x 42 bench

Close-up of 10 x 42 Bench - Quartertwenty

Stirrup shelf brackets - Quartertwenty

Giddyup stool - Quartertwenty

Barstuul - Quartertwenty


  1. We need bar stools. I look and I look. These I really like. Clean, modern, industrial. But not too much of anything.

    1. That's what I like about them too. Great lines but understated and smart

  2. Dana, I love your taste at all times, but this? This is perfection, or near enough as makes no difference.

    1. Isn't his work amazing? I wish we could carry it in the store.