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Friday, January 25, 2013

Final day of Crestview Door's sale

I almost forgot to give you a heads-up about the final day of Crestview Door's clearance sale. If you've been wanting one of their Redi-Screens or one of their door kits, you might find something you can't live without.

For example, the Pasadena 3-lite DIY kit with frosted glass that usually sells for $582 is on sale today for $232.80.  Here is the Pasadena (with reeded glass). The only other thing you'd need to buy is a solid door.

If a Redi-Screen is on your wish list, take a look at this 32" x 80" Morocco, marked down from $$422 to $127.

Pasadena door

Morocco Redi-Screen

Just remember that the warehouse clearance ends today. If you were already planning a purchase from Crestview, this might be the day to shop. (And, no, I'm not affiliated in any way with Crestview Doors. I just like to lend my support to other Texas businesses.)


  1. Replies
    1. I couldn't believe how much they had discounted some items, but I noticed they were going fast.

  2. That screen is awesome. Wish we had the kind of home for a door like these.

    1. I've got to figure out a place to use one of the screens in my new apartment!


  3. I love that redi-screen. We could never get a door like that here. Well we probably could if our wallets were fat enough, but certainly not for that price (on special or not)!

    1. A young couple in Austin, Texas (about 200 miles from me) who were renovating their mid-century home a few years ago and couldn't find the right kind of door, so they made their own. Word got out, and people started asking them to make them, and their company evolved. They offer beautiful products at reasonable prices, and they have already received nationwide acclaim. A real success story!