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Saturday, May 21, 2016


I've seen some beautiful homes that fall into the newly-created category of Hollywood Regency, but our taste runs more to the streamlined than the glitzy-glam. Several cosmetic changes are being planned for our new (built in 1950) home, which was probably pretty sparkly and/or curlicued at various times in its 56-year history.

This chandelier in the dining room...

...will more than likely be replaced with another Sputnik like (or similar to) the one we have now.

These ornate drawer pulls in the bathrooms...

...will have to make way for something simpler, because they appear a little incongruous paired with these fixtures.

The current owners have changed out all bathroom and kitchen/bar faucets to a modern design in chrome, and while I'm generally a fan of matching metals, these door pulls in the dining room have to stay. They are very heavy and have a beautiful patina. It would be a shame to toss them. 

All these ceiling fans will have to be replaced, probably with something very modern and very unobtrusive... this, either in an unobtrusive white or a brushed nickel.

It may take a little time, but we'll get it all de-glammed, and eventually the whole house will look as if it's in harmony with this fireplace.

Living room fireplace (Yes, the mirrors on either side are coming down.)

Stay tuned for more de-glamming. The double front doors desperately need a "less is more" makeover, curtains need to come down, and pink and blue kids' rooms absolutely must become white...soon.


  1. Love the de-glamming! I hope you have a Re-store nearby because you know someone is concurrently re-glamming. :) About the fan you pictured - I've been hesitant to change out my fans because I'm afraid of losing overhead light. Do you know if the light out of it is enough for a small room? (I currently have one with 4 bulbs pointing out, similar to the second replacement one you show.)

    1. I haven't actually gone to a store to check out a display model to see how bright the light is, but I will before I make a final decision. The combination dining/living area I'm turning into my suite has recessed lighting in front of the fireplace at one end of the room, and I'll add a ceiling fan over my sofa. There is also a ceiling fan and overhead light fixture at the other end, which was designed to be a dining room. I plan to build a partial wall or buy a room divider and use that end as my bedroom. I'll probably remove the overhead light and just have a fan with a light there.