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Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Teddy House

We always give our homes names. The place where we built the Modernist Nest was officially known as the Malvey House. My daughter's former house was the Lotus House.  The house we're selling is the Juneau House, and the house we're in the process of buying is another Lotus House, as far as my daughter is concerned, because it's only three houses down from the first home of that name...the one that was sold so the store could be opened, for you longtime readers. (She's excited about living by old friends again!)

But Grandsons #1 and #2 are having none of calling it the Lotus House. The first time we went to view the property, they found a giant teddy bear that the owners were using to stage the garage apartment and immediately fell in love, so it's the Teddy House, as far as they're concerned.

When we made our offer, we asked that only two things convey: the teddy bear and a Japanese maple tree in a huge turquoise ceramic pot. The owners declined to leave either behind, so the search has begun for a suitably large replacement bear.

The search has also begun for furnishings for the garage apartment, which we plan to rent via Airbnb. (There are already other plans afoot for a fantastic space for me. You'll want to stay tuned for that.)


  1. You found one! So sorry for the loss of Teddy..he looks like the ones at Costco last Christmas. Huge!
    A new space for everyone and an Airbnb? Sounds perfect!
    Happy Mother's Day, Dana! xo, T.

    1. Tina, we have the inspection on it Monday, so there's still a chance we won't be able to negotiate repairs, but we're hopeful that everything will work out. I think our buyers are satisfied least, fingers crossed. They're getting a new roof after the hail storms we've had. We've also found the teddy's twin on Amazon, so all is well. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

    2. The buyers asked for an extension on their option period so they could have several experts come out, but we heard from them today, and they're satisfied that they want the house. Looks like we close on the sale of our house May 31 and on the new house on June 1.