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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sneak peek at new yard

The house we're buying has a very well established yard. The property is heavily wooded with live oak trees which have probably been around since the house was built in 1950, judging by the size of them. The lot is close to a half-acre, but it's on a bluff, so part of that is outside the fenced perimeter. Within the fence, I'm guessing there are at least 15-20 mature trees, although we haven't counted yet.

All flower beds are decently landscaped and are watered either by the sprinkler system or an additional drip irrigation system. They need new mulch, a few more large landscaping boulders, and more river rocks, and we plan to add a few more plants and shrubs here and there for additional color and variety of texture.

In addition to the large patio/pool area, there is a separate patio at the far edge of the back yard that we will use when having guests over to watch fireworks. Part of it will have a rug and outdoor furniture, and we're planning to have a raised deck built on the other end to use as a grilling area to cover some strange, uneven concrete which we haven't quite figured out.

Here's a sneak peak of the yard as it looks now.

The low branch touching the ground will be removed. (So will the bars on the porch.)

Chairs will be replaced by large landscape boulders, and plants will be added.
The two Japanese maples will be coddled.

Our To Buy list includes lots of patio furniture.

Pots will be removed, and we'll add to the existing plants in the ground...yuccas and grasses.

We'll add a few more plants and rocks in this bed. The big red R will come off the storage building too.

Far end of the back patio will have a rug and furniture; near end will have a small raised deck.

We expect to do a lot of living in the back yard, and we're eager to get started on the transformation.

Note: Moving day is June 2, so I probably won't have  a chance to post until we're settled. 


  1. So much lovely green lawn Dana, will you need to buy a ride-on-mower?

    1. We've discussed that, Kylie, and it may happen, but a friend of our family owns a landscaping/lawn service company, and they do our yard now, so we're going to let them continue for the time least till we see how much having a pool is going to impact the budget.

  2. It all looks lovely...i could be your 'Pool Girl'!
    I hope the move goes well for you all xx

    1. Pippa, we still have lots of packing to do, but I think we'll be ready for the movers on Thursday! We're very excited about the new place.

  3. What a beautiful yard full of wonderful old trees! I'd be out there all the time, too.

    1. I think they will keep things so shady that we'll actually enjoy summer this year.

  4. Amazing! Looks like they kept it taken care of. The patio with the curve must have been smaller at on time and they infilled it.

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  6. ohhh...Stunning, Awesome place.
    I cannot say any single word for sharing this beautiful yard. It's my dream :)
    Thanks for sharing with us!