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Monday, April 25, 2011

I love a good trade

Back in February, I posted about my collection of Iroquois Harvest Time by Ben Seibel that I'm mixing and matching with pieces of granite gray American Modern by Russel Wright., and I mentioned that I might need a larger cabinet to store it in.

Yesterday I traded my SIL the blond glass front case it was in for a teak corner unit by Nathan. Almost all of the furniture we have in the shop is teak, walnut or rosewood, and we've been talking about setting up a small room vignette with blond furniture. Hence the trade, about which I'm saying yippee and other expletives of delight.

The cabinet fit perfectly in the corner of my dining room, and my china looks so much better in it than in the bookcase. I guess that's because, as the name implies, the case is for books...not china.  Here's the before picture:


Now check out the after photos, and you'll see why I'm so happy with the trade. I finally have a proper place to display the china collection!


And more after

And a close up of the china in its new home


  1. The blonde bookcase is a nice piece but the new cabinet really shows off your china and looks like it was made for your corner.

  2. love both the pieces....wooden one shows off your collection so well :)

  3. Wow - love the new display piece!! The bookcase looked great too, but now everything is at eye level and your china really "pops"!

  4. I agree that the bookcase is a great piece, and I think someone will be thrilled to find it...for their books. One of the problems with using it for china was that the distance between shelves isn't really high enough to display the tall pieces, so they had to sit on top...rather precariously too, since the piece isn't very deep. I knew it was just a matter of time before the samovar got knocked off by a rambunctious grandson, just as we were reminding him, "No ball-throwing in the house."

  5. Oh YES! the new cabinet is such a warm color, it makes the pieces pop out to the eye so nicely. Good trade I must say :)

  6. Love the new cabinet! I like that it is a corner shelf but does not look bulky or clunky the way they sometimes do. Your new display looks gorgeous.

  7. Ah yes! It makes ALL the difference. What a gorgeous piece.