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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In the store: Cool tables and a lonnnnnnng credenza

At the same estate sale where we found the McCoy Unipet bowls, we ran across some cool walnut and glass end tables and a matching coffee table. We saw several people look them over and walk away with a perplexed expression. When we checked them out, we felt the same way at first...till we figured out that the glassless wooden bases were being displayed upside down. Once we turned them the right way and put the glass on, we realized they were great looking little tables. Thank goodness we figured it out first.

Kidney-shaped glass and walnut coffee table

Matching walnut and glass end tables

We also got another pair of end tables ready for the floor. They're very similar to some of the tables Russel Wright did for Conant Ball, but so far we haven't found any documentation to indicate that's what they are. Still, they're incredibly heavy, top quality tables that will look beautiful in someone's home.

End tables in the style of Russel Wright for Conant Ball

Last but literally not least is a Scandart credenza that is 7'4" long. This massive teak piece is simply spectacular.

Scandart credenza


  1. Incredible pieces. I'm in love with the credenza.

  2. You find the most amazing things! I would visit your store everyday if I lived nearby. I love that coffee table. Gorgeous.

  3. @Rhan: I think that credenza is my SIL's favorite piece too. It's either that or the Paimio chair.

  4. @Midcenturymadam: And we'd love to have you every day, even if it was just to kick back and have a glass of wine with us.

  5. Gorgeous! That credenza is a piece of art. A very very lovely one.

  6. I am all drooly right now :)