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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In the store: Glass, glass and more glass

I'm a glass lover, so lately I've been in glass heaven. A buying trip turned up several great pieces, and then last weekend we had the opportunity to buy even more from a local couple that collects Blenko in a big way. How big, you ask? How about 1700 pieces collected over the last 7 years? That kind of big way.

Not only did we get some great pieces from them, but we got to pick their brains about Blenko. They've visited the factory, and they were lucky enough to meet Wayne Husted, the late Winslow Anderson and the late William H.Blenko, Jr.

In addition to Blenko, we got some Pilgrim and L. E. Smith that are also pretty, as well as some pieces we are still researching. Enjoy the color and sparkle of our new pieces.

Blenko cornucopia

Blenko dish

L. E. Smith bowl

Blenko owl

Blenko head

Pilgrim vase

Blenko water bottle

Blendo drink set

Bowl, unidentified so far

Candy dish, also unidentified yet


  1. The drink set is sooooo cool. Want it. No place to put it, would be afraid to use it, but oh, what a statement it makes.

  2. @DearHelenHartman: The drink set is even prettier in person. The picture doesn't quite capture the color or the frosted effect. The glasses are more true to the real color than the pitcher.

  3. It looks like you went to the same store I did last weekend! I bought a 1970's parfait glass set that I'm loving!


  4. @Emilie: I checked your blog, and it looks like you're really having a good time writing it...lots of smiles. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  5. and the drink set couldnt be more cool!

  6. Lots of eye candy for the store! You are very lucky to go to work in an environment full of gorgeousness :)