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Sunday, April 24, 2011

In the store: Dramatic lighting

New additions to the store are these two towering floor lamps. The bright yellow color of the spotlight is eye-catching enough, even when it's lowered to a height of 4', but when it's extended to its full height of 6.5', it really makes a bold statement.

The huge arc lamp has a glossy glass globe that is a warm tan at the top and deepens to a gorgeous caramel color. It stands 7' tall and stretches almost 5.5' in length, lending a soft glow to a seating area.

Bright yellow spotlight
Glass globe arc lamp

In case you've spotted the snazzy orange club chairs in the background, there will be more about them later!


  1. Where do you find these fabulous pieces?? They are both outstanding. I'm a little partial to the yellow one though.

  2. I love lights that give out a warm honey color, which is why I pick fiberglass shades that have that color.

    Wonderful in your shop, it really looks fantastic Dana!

    p.s. please send me the black and red bullet planters, Thanks lolll

  3. @Midcenturymadam: My daughter and SIL brought both lamps back from an out-of-state picking trip. They find great items, don't they?

  4. @1950sarh: I love that warm glow too. It gives a room such a wonderful ambiance.

  5. These look amazing! I love the colors and the shapes. They seem like the kind of touches that would totally make a room. Like mine... :)

  6. OMG fantastic. I cannot get over how gorgeous your shop is.