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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Announcing Rapson-Inc.

Ian Rapson, grandson of noted designer/architect Ralph Rapson, contacted me yesterday to let me know that the family is now selling Rapson's iconic designs. Their website, Rapson-Inc., is a wonderful mix of images of the new pieces and Rapson's delightful illustrations, like the one above. The site also has a very interesting biography and a video of Rapson explaining the importance drawing played in his design.

As regular readers of this blog know, I admire Rapson's talent as a furniture and lighting designer, as well as his work as an architect, and at the top of my wish list is to live someday in a Rapson Greenbelt House by Wieler. I posted about Rapson and his work and about these beautiful modular homes last January. If you've joined the blog since then, you might like to go back and take a look. The Greenbelt was the #4 Case Study House that was unbuilt during the project.

I'm very excited about the new Rapson furniture, and I think you will be too. Now I have something else to add to my wish list...someday having an opportunity to sell the line in our store.

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Rapson Bentwood rocker
Rapson Greenbelt rocker
Rapson Highback Greenbelt in natural cotton
Rapson Dwell Lounge

A Greenbelt lounge, as well as stools and ottomans, will soon be added to the line. I can't wait to see them!


  1. I've reached that age when I look at those chairs and don't think style, I think - I could probably get into it but I COULD NEVER GET BACK OUT OF IT!

  2. @DearHelenHartman: I was saying the same thing to my SIL the other day about some Milo Baughman chairs that he thought were the most comfortable things ever. They were so low to the ground that I practically had to fall into them, and then getting up was a nightmare. NOT comfortable...but soooo pretty.

  3. Hi Dana,

    I put a link to this post up on the Rapson-inc press page. I will put a post onto the RR facebook page soon too. I know what you mean about low chairs. I have a pair of original Knoll Barcelona chairs. They claim the version they currently sell (and the knock offs) has the same dimensions as the original, and it is true that the height, width, and length are the same, but the chairs I own have cushions that are 2 inches deeper, meaning the seat is almost 2 inches closer to the ground! I think they changed them because no one could get out of them.

    Contrary to what you might think, the rockers, especially the bentwood rockers, are very easy to get out of. Rocking forward to stand raises your butt up and gives a push up out of the chair. Rapson Modern Rockers: Practical and good looking

  4. @Ian: Yes, rockers are another thing altogether. The very first day I went to your site, I looked closely at your bentwood rockers and decided I'd be able to get out of them...for exactly the reason you said. Rockers kinda catapult you out...even if you're in your 60s like I am. :)

    Thanks for the linkbacks! I'm truly honored.