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Thursday, July 21, 2011

My clock quandary

I've decided I'd like a clock wall.  I already have the perfect spot picked out above the teak tea cart that I use as a bar. It's a small wall, so three clocks ought to be enough. When I first started to toss around the idea, the clocks in my mind's eye were generic mid-century models that I could pick up fairly inexpensively on eBay.

As the picture in my head started to come into focus, the George Nelson Eye Clock was always there, staring back at me, although I'm still not clear as to what the other two will be.  I spent some time last night reading about the Howard Miller clocks designed by George Nelson Associates.

The Nelson clocks began production in 1947, and it is estimated that there are over 150 designs.  The first was Clock 4755, now better known as the Ball Clock. The units were available with a cord or with a "Chronopak," which mounted in a standard outlet.

Howard Miller discontinued the line in the 1980s, and Vitra picked it up again in the 1990s. The original clocks were simply given model numbers, although many of them now have commonly accepted names. Most  were available in several colors. For example, the Ball Clock came in six variations, while the Sunflower Clock was available in three colors.  The clocks in the ceramic Meridian line had George Nelson hands but were made by Italian craftsmen and came in many styles and colors.

The most curious thing I read was that the model commonly known as the Eye Clock was shown in Howard Miller brochures hung diagonally, rather than horizontally. That bears more investigation. I've seen them hung vertically...but diagonally?

Text and images from

Model #2238, the Eye Clock
Model #2239, the Spindle or Spool Clock
Model #2202, the Sunburst Clock
Model #2227, the Star Clock
Model #2261, the Sunflower Clock
Model #4756, the Steering Wheel Clock
Model #4775, the Pretzel Clock
Model #7552, one of the many Meridian designs
Model #7513-a, the Petal Clock
Model #7512, teak with birch markers

That only leaves 140 more choices.  So many beautiful clocks, so little wall space (and money).


  1. Fantastic clocks. Modernaire has a steering wheel clock but the standing kind. You said it, so many great clocks, so little space and money!

  2. I've just stumbled across your blog - it's amazing! And as for the clocks - 2202 it is! Perfect!

  3. @Jo: Welcome to my blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit, and I hope to see you back often. I'm always happy to get comments from readers. And, yes, 2202 is one of the ones I plan to buy. :)