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Saturday, July 2, 2011

In the store: More Italian pottery and some cool glass

When my daughter found the cute Caltempo Fish Fin tidbit server the other day, she also brought back a few other pieces, among them a great orange pedestal bowl that's almost a foot in diameter and 6.5" tall. I haven't figured out its history yet, but I'm searching. It's stamped "Handpainted in Italy" inside the pedestal...not the usual handwritten markings on pieces Raymor or Rosenthal usually imported from Italy. What it may lack in pedigree, it makes up for in size, texture and color. It's a stunning piece.

(Update: 8/20/2013 - This is an Aldo Londi design for Bitossi, part of his "Seta" collection. It was produced between 1957 and 1965.)

She also got a very nice quality glass bowl in a rich amber color which is very large and very heavy. It's not marked at all, but at this stage of my research, which admittedly isn't very far along,  I'm guessing Viking, although Wayne Husted did some crazy freeform bowls for Blenko in the 60s. If any of you have any information about either piece, please share it with me.

Italian pedestal bowl by Aldo Londi for Bitossi

Freeform glass bowl, maker also unknown


  1. hey, I missed your orange bowl I just sold one just like that-mine was smaller