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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Very cool 1977 California Ranch style home in very hot Texas

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Hiram and Andrew. They stopped by the store to take a look, and we kept them there for ages, talking about their collections and looking at pictures of their exquisite home, which is in the process of being listed with Independent Artists as a location for photo shoots.

They have been collecting since 2000, and and their home is full of iconic mid-century furniture and stunning collectables. I could go on for paragraphs about their Russel Wright pieces alone, which many of you know I also collect. However, nothing I say could do their home justice. You'll just have to see it for yourself. Enjoy!

Photographer: Cheryl Vorhis | Stylist: Julian Fernandez

Breakfast room and kitchen
Dining room
Living room
Master bedroom
Russel Wright collection
Close-up of Russel Wright carafes

Many thanks to Hiram and Andrew for letting us tour their spectacular home. I'm off to try to still my thudding heart after that close-up of the Russel Wright carafes.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, what a beautiful home. The living room's my favorite.

  2. @I dream lo-tech: I love it all, but the Russel Wright has me all aflutter.

  3. A beautiful space filled with some gorgeous pieces. We particularly like the chairs/sofa at the end of the bed in the master bedroom - very unusual.

  4. The Russel Wright collection is so perfectly displayed

  5. Wow! Of course the furnishings and decor is fabulous but the HOUSE itself steals the spotlight for me. Ugh that a-line beamed ceiling - to die for!

  6. WOW!!! What a fabulous home. I LOVE their kitchen airy - so spacious and bright. Their collecting must be a fulltime occupation ;)

  7. @Tanya and Rhan: And all those glorious windows...and the rock...and on and on and on...

  8. @bopfish: Yes, it is...and Hiram says he changes the colors in the display with the seasons. There's much more hidden in cabinets that we can't see! Did you notice the built-in hutch in the breakfast area full of RW too? What a collection!

  9. amazing home :).thanks for letting us peep in :)

  10. WOW! Love the close up shots of my friend Hiram's beautiful home! Exquisite.

  11. @Tiff: Welcome to the blog! It's great to have one of Hiram's friends stop by and leave a comment. The house is so full of beautiful mid-century pieces and amazing art that it's almost impossible to take it all in. Everywhere you look is another iconic piece.

  12. hi, I have an entire house of Conant Ball furniture that was my grandparents, they were the only owners of it and have had it since the early 50's, the hutch-buffet pictured above is one of the pieces that I have. Mine has 3 pieces, the hutch, buffet and a silverware drawer that slides in under the hutch, I have been trying to find more about this piece and have come up empty. It is a beautiful piece, and would like to know more about it, it is stamped Conant Ball Furniture Makers 1852. Any help would be awesome!!
    Thanks, AnnDee

    1. If you'd send me your email address to, I'll try to put you in touch with my friend Hiram, who knows much more about Conant Ball furniture than I.