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Sunday, April 1, 2012

And the winner is...

A winning number was generated on from the list of readers who commented on the giveaway post.  And the winner is...Lucky Number Seven.

That number belongs to I dream lo-tech, whose comment said:

Wow, great offer! I'd say the uplight, I'll put it in my office for a Mad Men effect. ( :

That said, maybe the gifts should go to followers who had just signed up. That would be an awesome intro to mid2mod!

Offering new readers a blog giveaway prize may not be on the The Dalai Lama's list of 20 Ways to Get Good Karma, but it must have worked for our lucky reader.

All I need now is for him to email me at with postal instructions so I can get his spun aluminum uplight on the way to its new home.

Congratulations to Ton S!!!


  1. :( does the cactus pot still need a home? If selling, let me know:)

  2. *Congrats to the lucky Winner*
    That lamp is so awesome!

  3. Dana, thank you so much and many blessings to mid2mod!

    1. Congratulations, Ton! I know the uplight will be going to a great new home.