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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Paolo Piva

Paolo Piva
Paolo Piva (1950- ) was born in Adria, Italy, and studied architecture at Venice University. He later attended the International University of Art in Venice and the Internationalen Malerwochen in Retzhof-Graz, Austria.

For a number of years, he worked for the Institute of History and Architecture of Venice, together with the Akademie Der Angewandten Kunst of Vienna, culminating with the exhibition Vienna Rossa. Together with Manfredo Tafuri, he took was in charge of the catalog and the organization of the exhibition.

Since 1970 he has designed for furniture companies such as Fama, B&B Italia, Giovannetti, Dada, Poliform, Bro's, Tetrad, Wittman and De Sede. In 1980 he was commissioned to design the Embassy of Kuwait in Qatar. In 1985 he planned the restructuring of the head offices of C. Jourdan in Paris. In 1986 he planned the restructuring of Palazzo Remer in Venice.

In 1988 he became a professor of design at the Hochschule Für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna.


Alanda sofa
Archie bench
Ardea armchair
Corso bench
Corner dining group
Ducale chair
Piva bed
Panca bench
Morfeo bed
Alanda coffee table - Mid2Mod

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