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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yes, more Blenko

We may not have received 200 pieces from our consignor, as we initially expected, but we got enough that it has taken several posts to cover it all. These pieces aren't as large as the ones in my last Blenko post, but they're very nice nonetheless.

#434 bookends

#5431 pointed bowl by Wayne Husted

#597 bowl by Wayne Husted

#6630 decanter by Joel Myers

#971 fish by Winslow Anderson

#5710 pitcher by Wayne Husted

#7127 decanter by John Nickerson

#8433L cowboy hat ice bucket by Don Shepherd

Cowboy hat as ice bucket
#594 corner bowl/hanging planter by Wayne Husted
Blenko ashtray - Anyone know the number?
I don't think it's a #966 freeform, because it's polished inside and out.


  1. I really like the whimsy of that cowboy hat ice bucket. Yeehaw! And I find those bookends fetching in a minimalist sort of way.

    1. Although "born and (mostly) raised" in Texas, I'm generally not a big fan of cowboy decor, but I do find the cowboy hat appropriate for our store in Dallas. Turned upside down for use as an ice bucket, it loses some of its yehawishness. Blenko also made a top hat ice bucket for more sophisticated locales. :)

  2. I love, love, love the book ends and the corner bowl. They're beautiful.

    1. The original Blenko catalog shows the corner bowl as a planter. I'm off to the store in a few, but I'll try to find time later to scan it and include it in this post.

  3. That cowboy hat is very Texas Mod. You guys should keep it as your store mascot.