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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In the warehouse: Lots of Lucite

Our warehouse is packed with lots and lots of Lucite. We have lamps, chairs, desks and more. Sleek and shiny, these are some very cool, very mod pieces.

Philippe Starck La Marie chairs
Lucite and chrome table lamp
Lucite and glass side tables
Lucite and glass lamp
Lucite and tubular chrome chair
Lucite floor lamp
Lucite and brass table lamp
Lucite salad set
Lucite waterfall table
Prototype Lucite Blade desk


  1. Replies
    1. I usually lean more toward the classic walnut and teak pieces, but I have to admit that there's something about this much Lucite that is very cool.

  2. Dana, when will this end? Too Much! ( :

    Love all the lamps but it's that tubular chrome chair that really caught my attention.

    1. I have several more posts to do before I finish showing you everything that came in two weeks ago, because there are things we still haven't photographed. It's been wild trying to get it all priced and up on the website. Of course, by the time I finishing showing it all to you, Joe will have bought more! :)

  3. Lucite and plexiglass furniture etc is one of those things that is very modern in a Buck Rogers/Barbarella type way. It conjours up ideas of the future. Excessive use of chrome is similar in that manner. I remember my uncle who isn't much older than me buying lucite kits from the hobby store in the 70s and submerging all sorts of things from hotwheels cars to insects in it or the retro 70s style skateboard he built out 3/4in plexiglass. I still have the skateboard and probably the paperweights with bugs and cars in them tucked in a box somewhere. Hmm I should dig out that skateboard. I have begun to amass a collection of "FAB" trays from the 70s that are fabric embedded in lucite, they are kind of tacky in a fun way but are great for serving outdoors or on the patio.

    1. You're right...It does have that futuristic feel. I had a brown Danish Lucite dining set with a glass top in the 60s, and I thought it was so cool. I've noticed that lots of people who come into the store are drawn to the Lucite pieces, so I guess it's making a big comeback.

    2. Bakelite is another thing I'm kind of digging right now. I think it was the green Bakelite fishing tackle box that got me hooked.LOL

    3. Cool...I've never seen a Bakelite tackle box before! I kinda like anything made of Bakelite too.

  4. Lucite has been making a comeback for some time, at least in my head, but I'm always about 5 years early on trends and then I'm over them by the time they become popular. I think a couple small pieces of lucite can look kind of sexy.

  5. Any idea where the round side tables came from? Designer/producer?