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Sunday, April 29, 2012

In the store: Seating, storage and so-much-more

Several new chairs have made their way into the store, including a pair of Adrian Pearsall chairs and a pair of Saarinen executive chairs. We also have a great chrome bench upholstered in red. Two Baughman chairs are still at the upholsterers awaiting release from limbo. Our upholsterer called to tell us that we came up short fabric for one...that's right, ONE...armrest, so now we have to find more chocolate brown mohair velvet. We also have a couple of Ole Wanscher armchairs being refinished and a Jens Risom sofa being recovered, which should be ready soon.

We have one new credenza on the floor, but my SIL just got back from Memphis, Tennessee, with a load of five credenzas that he dropped off at the refinishers yesterday, so look for more soon. We've added three stunning mahogany and brass bedroom pieces to our inventory of case goods, and I've fallen in love with them. I'm trying to fight the urge to strike a deal with my SIL for them, but I'm quickly caving in, so anyone who wants them better beat me to them!

Two gorgeous olive wood pieces by Milo Baughman are now on the floor. They're so substantial and so classy! In contrast to their warm, solid good looks, we also have a new Lucite and glass coffee table that is icy cool.

My SIL is becoming a lighting addict. He just can't pass up a gorgeous lamp these days, and he's really finding some amazing, glass and the amazing Adrian Pearsall in walnut. He's become fascinated with vintage Danish lighting and is researching it constantly, so don't be surprised if you start seeing more of those in the store too. (Inside information: He just bought one that should be here soon.)

Adrian Pearsall chairs
Eero Saarinen Executive chairs
Upholstery and chrome bench
Glass and Lucite coffee table
Milo Baughman olive wood coffee table
Milo Baughman olive wood side table/cabinet
Credenza with oblong pulls and wood trim
Mahogany and brass bedroom set
Adrian Pearsall lamp
Torino lamp
Lightolier birdcage lamp


  1. I think I have a small crush on the Eeros!

    1. I think you'd love them even more if you saw them in person. The fabric is a lovely nubby blue boucle with a tiny brown fleck.

  2. from reading your blog, I'm noting that anything by Adrian Pearsall is right up my alley. I never knew the names of the designers prior to your introductions. I'm going to do more research on Pearsall.

    1. Pearsall is one of my favorite designers. We sold a white gondola sofa of his that I still miss. I should have bought it for myself! I've done a couple of posts on him that you might enjoy.

  3. Replies
    1. Those are some fantastic lamps! The Torinos look like chrome pods and are the coolest things I've ever seen! We actually have a pair of them.

  4. The glass and lucite table looks special. That would be my bet for the quick sale.

    1. I think that would also be my SIL's favorite of all the pieces in this post. He loves that table!