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Monday, June 2, 2014

Auction watching...close to home

While my SIL may be looking the Italian and Danish Modern furniture offered in an upcoming auction in the Lone Star State, I'm content to peruse the catalog for smaller items that I might be interested in bidding on for myself. Check out some of the things I'm keeping an eye on.

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Modern painting on burlap, signed R. Little

Italian angled mirror in teak

Manzoni Pietro carved carafe

Canoe bowl by Fong Chow for Glidden

Italian art glass hanging lamp
Manuel Felguerez steel sculpture

Danish sewing table

Small Danish stools, just the right size to restore for Grandsons #1 and #2


  1. I want the fish painting and the lion!

    1. Aren't they both great? I'd be happy to have the winning bid on any of these pieces.

  2. Gosh Dana, what great items! Love the cool painting and the hanging lamp. Let us know if you bid and win anything.

    1. My SIL thinks starting bids are low just to generate interest. We'll see. I'll definitely let you know if I win anything.