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Friday, June 6, 2014

In the store: Tambour doors galore

We've moved two extraordinarily lovely credenzas onto the floor of the store recently. One is a very large rosewood beauty by Bernhard Pedersen & Sons. It is 83" long (211 cm) and has gorgeous tambour doors, which win me over every time. We had an identical piece in the store a year ago, and I'm sure this one will sell just as quickly as the other one did.

Equally spectacular is the smaller Peter Hvidt teak credenza. It too has tambour doors as well as a nice configuration of three shallow drawers with one extra-deep drawer. I also like the stretcher treatment of this piece.

Bernhard Pedersen & Sons tambour door rosewood credenza

Peter Hvidt tambour door teak credenza

Open view of Peter Hvidt credenza


  1. These are both beautiful pieces, but I must confess that the teak credenza stole my heart.

    1. Normally, rosewood would win the day for me, but there's something about the smaller teak one that won my heart too.

  2. Still crushing on Rosewood. (: