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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Design by SiPiC

On Monday I received an email from Simon Picard, telling me that he had run across one of my blog posts and thought I might like to see his work. And like it I most assuredly did!

Picard designs using the name SiPiC, and creates extraordinary sculptures and "functional art" furniture. He also works in metal, glass and textiles that reflect his motto of  "Intelligence + Respect for Materials."

He lives in the South of France and studied architecture, but his real passion lies in sailing and furniture design. He has lived from birth to age 30 on various family boats and splits his time between sailing professionally and creating bespoke furniture and objects.

His MPR '67 chair was designed by his father, an architect and professor of architecture. Picard found his father's drawings for the chair and built several for the 40th anniversary of the design.

Images from

1K chair

8-10 seater dining table

2Y table

Drop tabe with blown art glass leg

Marga chair

Trait low stool

Piggy low table

Enthomos chair

Sycamore and sapele wood table

MPR '67 chair, from one of his father's designs

Outdoor table and benches

Top of Delta low stool

Hanging candelabra

Star sculpture from olivewood

Poissons d'Avril stabile

Table lamp


Picard preparing to sail


  1. I was thinking about fish. I like this guy's fish, they'd whittle well.

    1. I really like the fish too. I'd love to have some for myself.

    2. Thanks for all those nice comments, Actually, it is important for me to touch my pieces... I spend time on the finishing of them... and waxing...
      Thanks Dana for your article, I just had an exhibition in my home town, went quite well with a couple of sales and a nice commission for a dining table + 2 benches...
      Hope we ll have the oppoprtunity to work together in the future...

  2. I like the fish and that star sculpture, too. :)

    1. The star sculpture is gorgeous. I can picture it in a prominent place, with art lighting focused directly on it. What a dramatic piece!

  3. Beautiful! I want to touch everything and feel those beautiful shapes!

    1. Almost all his, lamps, sculpture...have such beautiful, organic shapes that they do beg to be touched.

  4. just wow. beautiful and surprising pieces! love it

    1. I think that's one of the things that I like most about his work...that so many of his pieces have surprising elements.

  5. I have found a new love. His work is incredible!

    1. He's an incredibly talented young man, and I'm so glad he let me know about his work!