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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

West German pottery: Jopeko

Jopeko Keramik is still in business today, and according to their site, the Korzilius family has been in the ceramic business for 350 years and has been at its present location for over 150 years. The present-day company was founded in 1848 by Johann Peter Korzilius in the town of Ransbach-Baumbach. It is run today by Johann Peter Korzilius II and makes flameproof ceramics for private households and caterers, ceramic light switches, ceramic lighting, acoustic ceramics and sanitaryware. They also allow studio potters to use their equipment to produce limited runs.

Heinz Martin was the main designer during the 1960s. During that time, the company produced brightly colored drip "lava" glazes on white clay that are popular with collectors today. They also did a considerable amount of work for the tourist trade. Jopeko markings were often nondescript, having few distinctive elements. Frequently, the shallow imprinting on the bottom of the pieces was covered with thick glaze, leaving them almost illegible. Many of their products originally bore metallic foil labels.

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  1. The first and third pieces particularly caught my eye, the first for it's striking design and colours and the third because of the wonderfully organic feel.

    1. I love the shape of the blue pitcher too, and the glaze is the soft matte that I love as well.

  2. I adore that electric cool and white combo in the first picture! Along with the white "crackle" vase with the 3 dots. fun and stunning!