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Friday, June 20, 2014

Modern mailboxes and house numbers

Monday must have been my lucky day, because after receiving an email from Simon Picard, about whom I posted yesterday, I was contacted by Valentin Mittelstet, who gave me information about his company called 2213.

A new design company located in Manitoba, Canada, 2213 describes itself as modern and minimalist, blending German design with Canadian craftsmanship. They currently carry house numbers and mailboxes, but they plan to "expand into every room, wall, nook and cranny of the home."

Mittelstet was born in Kazakhstan, raised in Germany and now resides in Canada. He is the head designer, co-founder and president of 2213, Inc.  He was out for a stroll in his neighborhood one evening, and he noticed that all the house numbers were too small, barely visible and not very attractive. He began working on a design that eventually turned in to 2213's 8" and 12" house numbers, which come in corten* steel or powder-coated orange, gray, black and white.

Take a look at 2213's products. I think you'll like them. I definitely plan to keep an eye on what they come up with next.


Mailboxes by 2213

House numbers by 2213

*Corten steel (often known under the trademark Cor-Ten) is a weathering steel that develops a stable rust-like patina over the course of a few years but doesn't suffer the loss of structural integrity usually caused by rusting.


  1. Cool! Are you doing numbers on your modern nest? Love the mailbox design.

    1. We did new numbers a year or so ago...and still haven't stenciled the numbers on the curb. We're such procrastinators!