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Monday, June 9, 2014

In the store: Noguchi transformation

Some of you may recall our acquisition a couple of months ago of a very rare early Noguchi child's rocking stool. Here it is as we found it, photographed in front of street art near the store.

Noguchi rocking stool in original condition

While I loved it exactly as it was, the decision was made to have it restored, since many of our customers like a somewhat less "rode hard and put up wet" look, to use a common expression from the Texas vernacular. Here is the Noguchi stool, reborn and ready for many more decades of use.


  1. That well-loved patina appeals more to me, too, but what a lovely restoration. Beautiful job!

    1. I hate to see that beautiful patina gone too, but the serious cracking made it impossible for it to be anything more than a conversation piece. Now it's fully functional again.

    2. I do love the original patina but what you say makes sense.

    3. I was hoping it could be left as my SIL found it, but he had it in the store for a couple of months like that, and he didn't have any takers.