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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Arne Norell

Arne Norell (1917-1971) was a Swedish designer who  started his own workshop in Stockholm in 1954. In 1958 he moved the operation to Småland and started the company called Arne Norell Möbel AB.  He experimented with a number of combinations of materials, including turned wood, bentwood, leather, fabric and metal.

His best known design is the Ari easy chair in leather and spring steel. Norell died at age fifty-four and received the British Furniture Manufacturers' Showpiece of the Year award posthumously.
Many of Norell's designs were put into production after his death. His daughter Marie Norell-Möller and Thomas Möller now continue the family tradition started by Norell in the company known today as Norell Möbel AB. She designs sofas and armchairs and has won numerous awards. One of her chairs, the Ariadne, was inspired by her father's Ari chair.

From and

Club chairs

Easy chair

Inca chair

Mexico sofa

Sirocco campaign chairs

Ari chair and ottoman

Ariadne sofa

Marie Norell-Möller and Thomas Möller 


  1. your blog could easily turn into a editing required :)...and having said that i love ur profile posts so much that i come back to refer when needed :).

    Love the designers sense of using leather and making airy looking the safari know why :)

    1. I'm so glad you find the bios helpful. I learn so much myself when I research them.

      I knew you'd take an instant liking to the safari chairs. :)

  2. Maybe it's because i am a bit lumpy and short limbed but these do not look comfy to me. But I LOVE the buttery rich look of leather with the frames of the chairs.

    1. My dear, I never would have thought of you as lumpy! LOL

  3. Ive been a long time reader of this blog and I just wanted to thank you for finally solving the mystery of a pair of chairs I bought in Belgium a few years ago. I bought a pair of Norell's easy chairs at a little antique store for a song and always wondered who made it. Thanks for the continued education!

    1. How exciting that you were finally able to identify your beautiful chairs. What a wonderful purchase! I'm so glad you enjoy the blog. Keep coming back, please.

  4. The easy chair is gorgeous - so unusual. The legs, especially.

    I saw your AT nomination!! Congrats :) I already voted for you.

    1. The easy chair is my favorite too. It looks so comfy!

      Thanks for the vote. I see several of our "blogging buddies" on the list of nominees. We're turning into a regular mutual admiration society. :)