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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Free sofa, anyone?

Blog reader Chris in Nashville, Tennessee, emailed me yesterday with an offer that's going to make someone really happy. He has a vintage sofa he'd like to give away, but he wants to be sure it goes to someone who will appreciate it.

The sofa was manufactured by the Stand-Built Upholstery Corporation, which was a small company formed in 1946 that mainly dealt in textiles, but in the 1950s they produced a line of furniture by designers such as Ben Seibel and Charles Stoll. (A Stand-Built chair by Charles Stoll was recently sold on 1stdibs.)

The sofa measures 98" from outside arm to outside arm and 71" from inside arm to inside arm. The arms are about 13 1/2" wide. The back height is 30 1/2" and the cushion depth is 24".  It needs some cushion restoration and new upholstery, but Chris and I agree that it would be gorgeous done in a solid color. (Can you picture it in a nubby orange or turquoise? Wow!) If you're seriously interested and are in Tennessee or are willing to drive there to pick up the sofa, contact me at I'll forward your email to Chris, and he can take it from there.

Stand-Built sofa--offered free by reader Chris


  1. I agree with will look awesome done up in orange :)

    1. I can't believe no one has emailed me about it yet. I'd grab it in a heartbeat if I were just a little closer. I have a feeling it would go for a ton of money on 1stdibs if it were restored...but I'd actually love to have it in my home.

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