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Sunday, February 26, 2012

In the store(s)

Yes, that's right. We still have two locations, and we're chomping at the bit to get moved, but it seems that getting inspections done by the city on the new plumbing and wiring takes longer than we could ever have imagined. As a result, we're unloading all the pieces we're buying at the new location so they don't have to be moved again, and we're selling as much as we can at the old location so it doesn't have to be moved at all. We've been offering some unbelievable prices and moving tons of furniture, and we're buying new pieces as fast as we can.

Danish dining set with pop-up leaf

Ebonized slat bench

Square walnut coffee table with upturned lip

6-foot long coffee table with upturned lip

Maybe the most fun things of all are these very cool, very large triangular fiberglass lamps encased in rattan. We have 8 of them, and they all work. We're selling these for $30 each, because they need some cleaning up...and a space that can accommodate a 3-foot light fixture. Personally, I think I'd figure out a way to make a floor lamp out of one.

Update: We only have 5 left now.  Hmmmmm...I think I just thought of a perfect place for one at my house. I'd better buy one before they're all gone.

3-foot tall triangular fiberglass and rattan light fixtures



  1. I so wished I lived close enough to shop! Those lights are great.

    1. I just bought one for myself. I couldn't resist at that price! :)