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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Spaces: Daughter's bedroom

We're still in the process of choosing and framing photos my daughter has taken on recent shoots, so the walls are bare, but I love this finished corner of the space. The Royal Haeger gourd vases by Larry Laslo and a vase she picked up on a trip to Costa Rica look great with her vintage Tony Paul-style wire lamp on a mid-century style dresser from West Elm. The rug, which Crate and Barrel interestingly describes as an "impressionistic oriental," is the Alvarez in Mineral. Sometimes a piece as practical as a well-made laundry hamper can round out a look. This one is the Sedona, also from Crate and Barrel, in Honey.

Vintage lamp and gourd vases paired with a Costa Rican vase
atop a mid-century style West Elm chest of drawers,
 along with a Crate and Barrel rug and laundry hamper

The art leaning unceremoniously in the corner is a favorite of mine. When my daughter was in her twenties and majoring in photography, one of her fellow students chose her as the subject of the series of multiple exposure pieces he exhibited for his BFA senior show. She loves the piece too, but she thinks it's a little weird to have a big picture of yourself on the wall, so it always goes in unobtrusive places.

Close-up of art*

*Excuse the reflection of my phone. I figured leaving it alone would be better than a bad edit.


  1. Love the way this area looks! Also, that's a great photo of your daughter. I think she should hang it on the wall. :)

    1. I think she styled this corner just right. I've tried and tried to get her to hang it on the no avail!!! She's a photographer herself, and she wants to hang photos she has taken in the Big Bend/Marfa area of Texas.