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Saturday, September 11, 2010

All that glitters is not Towle

A couple of years ago, I was browsing through a Macy's ad, and a set of stainless steel flatware caught my eye. It was a style called Opus by Henckels.  What attracted me were the modern lines and the simplicity of the design. I bought a set and love it more now than the first time I saw it.

Recently I was doing some research on John Van Koert, the designer of my Drexel Profile dining room furniture, and I saw a picture of the Contour sterling flatware he designed for Towle in 1951.  I was surprised to see how much his design inspired the design of some of the pieces of the Opus flatware.  Though not identical, it definitely has the same feel, with its narrow, upturned handle. While the knives are the most dissimilar pieces, the dinner forks, spoons, and meat forks are very much alike. Now I know why it looks like it was made to go with my furniture.

I found a set of Contour flatware on eBay today for $2995, but I don't plan to raid the savings account to buy it. I'll just stick with my Opus for now. However, a Contour set has definitely made it to my "If I Ever Find It Cheap" list.

Contour in sterling silver by John Van Koert for Towle

My Henckels Opus stainless steel flatware

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