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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ugh...jury duty

I spent part of the day hanging out at the Criminal Justice Center, waiting to see if I got selected to serve on a jury and feeling a little like Arlo Guthrie in the “Group W bench” scene.  What a people-watching opportunity!  (If that movie reference sailed over your head, you’re either way younger than I am or didn’t have an old hippie mom like me.  Ask my daughter; she was raised on Alice’s Restaurant Thanksgiving-a-thons.)

Anyway…after a less-than-fun-filled day doing my civic duty, I needed something to cheer me up, so I looked at more 1950s TV commercials on YouTube.  Coincidentally, my cousin had emailed me some unbelievable old print ads today too.  In case you missed the link yesterday to the old Kool-Aid commercial, give it a look.  It’s interesting to see how much advertising has changed in the last sixty years, as well as how consumer sensibilities have changed.  These Cheerios, Miller High Life and Sugar Frosted Flakes commercials are a hoot, and the I Love Lucy "Vitameatavegamin" spoof of 50s food commercials is a classic that’s always good for a laugh.

I think this explains my Diet Coke addiction.

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