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Monday, October 13, 2014

Otto and Gertrude Natzler

I started this blog September 6, 2010. Some of you have been readers since the beginning. Others have come on board later. From now through the end of the month, I'm going to be on a short blogging break. Not only am I in the middle of a big volunteer project, I'm also trying to help get the new store open, so I've decided share some of my favorite posts from the past four years. I'll throw in a few new photos for you longtime supporters who read the posts when they were first published.

(First posted 1/29/2011)

Otto (1908-2007) and Gertrud Natzler ( 1908-1971) were a married couple well known for their work with ceramics.  The Austrian-born couple came to the United States after the German annexation of their country, settling in Los Angeles.  Natzlers worked together until Gertrud’s death in 1971.

Gertrud made the vases and bowls, while Otto created the glazes and worked the kiln. Gertrud is known for her simple, elegant designs. Otto perfected over 2,000 glazes, which gave each piece a unique color and texture. Some were smooth, while others were pocked and cratered.

After Gertrud’s death, Otto continued to work with clay into the 1990s. He died at age 99. The Natzler’s pottery is highly collectible and quite valuable.
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  1. Somehow I missed this post the first time round...what superb pottery. Best of luck with the new store too Dana!

    1. Ray, I was hoping that by rerunning some of my older posts, people could catch up on some they had missed. I'm glad you let me know this was the case for you. It would have been a shame for you to miss the Natzlers.