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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hint #1: Cylinda-Line by Arne Jacobsen

I'm going to make it easy for my family this year by leaving brazen hints on the blog about what I want for Christmas. The first item to make the wish list is the Cylinda-Line Tea Pot.  It was designed in 1967 by Arne Jacobsen, along with a matching coffee pot, and produced by Stelton.

Arne Jacobsen Cylinda-Line Tea Pot

Arne Jacobsen Cylinda-line Coffee Pot

However, when it comes to coffee, I'm French press all the way. Fortunately, a French press was designed for this line in 2005, based on the original Cylinda-Line water jug. While I don't think the press coffee pot is as graceful as the original coffee pot, it would be more functional for me.

Arne Jacobsen Cylinda-Line Press Coffee Pot

The line also includes a creamer and sugar bowl and a large salad bowl and servers. As gorgeous as these pieces are, I may have a little AJ on my wish list for the next few Christmases.


  1. Yes please, any of those will do! :)

  2. Wonder where the handle shape came from, perhaps it is a repeat of the cylinder and spout profile.

    1. I assume your index finger would fit perfectly in the round cut-out, but whatever AJ was thinking, I like it!