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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tapio Wirkkala: Works in wood

While I've never kept it a secret that I love the work of  Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala, I've usually mentioned in passing the pieces completely out of my price range and have focused instead on the ceramic work he did for Rosenthal, such as his Pollo vase and Kingfisher figure, both of which I'm proud to own.

However, the laminated birch bowls he designed during the 1950s are a joy to behold. They were produced by Soinne and Kni of Helsinki, being named by House Beautiful magazine as 1951's "most beautiful object," as well as winning a prestigious award at the 1954 Milan Triennale.

These exquisite bowls and trays often bring $4000-12,000 at auction, but in 2012 a 56" long version fetched €31,000 (approximately $35,000) at Quittenbaum.

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Until I can afford one of these beautiful pieces, I will content myself with the next best thing: one of Wirkkala's porcelain leaf dishes for Rosenthal. That might be the perfect housewarming gift for myself when we move. - wohnfaumformer - ModernDesign20


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    1. I'm in awe of the man. He could do practically anything...ceramics, glass, wood, and metal. I could (and should) do a full post just on the knives he made, as well as the pipes he carved.