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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Scheurich, thou art Temptation (Repost)

Do you have something (other than chocolate) that won't quit calling your name, whether you need it or not?

Scheurich fat lava is that voice in my ear...temptation with a capital T. Honestly, I have all the fat lava I need. In fact, I have more than I need. A few pieces are languishing in the closet, because I simply don't have a spot for them. I've been saying for days that I'm going to list them on Craigslist, but the truth is that I'm not quite ready to part with them.

Yet I sat at the computer last night, poring over Etsy listings like some kind of crazed clay addict...even putting several pieces in my shopping cart. C'mon, encourage enable me. Which ones should I buy?

(Technical issues resulted in search engine problems for almost two years' worth of my older posts, so I am reposting the ones I consider most informative. Though some of you have already viewed them, they will be new to others of you. Originally posted 9/28/2013)

Scheurich 203-26 - Retro Fat Lava

Scheurich 206-26 - Veryodd

Scheurich 237-15 - EdibleComplex

Scheurich 284-14 - Retro Fat Lava

Scheurich 401-28 - RetroMinded

Scheurich 493-10 - Greta Allan Gallery

Scheurich 203-26 - JunkHouse


  1. Hey Dana, I love them all and can see why you are addicted! I'm just as addicted to my tablecloths. We love what we love. :)

    1. Yes, once we start collecting, we can always justify "just one more."

  2. The latest Atomic Ranch magazine has an article on lava pottery.

    1. I haven't seen it. I quit subscribing to Atomic Ranch a while back.

  3. You can read it at a bookstore if your so willing.

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