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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The jewelry of Line Vautrin (Repost)

An earlier post about French designer Line Vautrin focused on her mirrors, which she called her "witches." She was also known for jewelry, boxes, powder compacts and other objects.

She started making gilt bronze jewelry at age 15 and selling it door-to-door. Already quite savvy about business, she sent out her invoices under her father's letterhead, because she was too young to own a company.

Her work was bold and dramatic, and it was often inscribed with the words of her favorite poets, prompting Vogue magazine to call her "The Poetess of Metal."

She was a prolific artist, setting a goal for herself of one object each day.

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(Technical issues resulted in search engine problems for almost two years' worth of my older posts, so I am reposting the ones I consider most informative. Though some of you have already viewed them, they will be new to others of you. Originally posted 10/6/2013)

C'est la vie bracelet

Icare bracelet

Les arrondissements de Paris bracelet

Vertebres necklace

Le furet necklace

Petit poisson deviendra grand necklace
Les cœurs de Paris earrings

O comme oreilles earrings

Le Métro belt

Drapé powder compact

De la poudre powder compact

Le jour et la nuit powder compact

Drapé  frangé  cigarette box

La mer cigar box

In the 1973 photo below, Vautrin poses in front of one of  her folding screens. She is holding a Talosel sculpture with metal inlays. On her right is a Talosel egg inlayed with mirrors.

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