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Friday, September 18, 2015

Bertha? Highly unlikely.

Back in 2011, the store was brand new, and we were mainly selling G-Plan credenzas that we picked up for $50 at auction. Upscale pieces were still in our future, and, like most novices in the MCM game, we still believed the incorrect attributions we found online.

In August of that year, I wrote a biographical post about Bertha Schaefer and included photos of the travertine and walnut coffee and end tables that are often attributed to her. Later I became aware of the controversy surrounding those attributions, but I forgot to update my post. Yesterday a blogging friend pointed that out to me, so I removed the photos and want to set the record straight.

Here is the long oval coffee table from the series in question. We had this one in our store until just a few weeks ago, and this photo was featured on Shopseen.

While many people have searched for evidence that Schaefer designed the group, it seems that all anyone knows for sure is that it was produced by Gordon's of  Johnson City, Tennessee.

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