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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More Modboxes

In May of 2014 I posted about Greg Kelly's Modboxes. At that time, he had a Kickstarter campaign going, hoping to raise money to produce mid-century style mailboxes. That campaign was a success, and he now has a small company with over 1000 happy customers. I recently received an email from Kelly letting me know that he's launched another fundraiser on Kickstarter so he can expand his business to include the production of wall-mounted mailboxes.

The boxes will be sleek and modern. Better still, they're mix-and-match. The interior section of the box can be removed so you can change colors anytime you'd like. Kelly's plan is to offer 12 colors, giving customers 144 possible color combinations.

According to the information on Kickstarter, colors include white, black, lime green, light blue, bone white, aged copper (light green), an anodized aluminum effect, and the original five curbside Eichler Exterior Accent Colors (Turquoise, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Eucalyptus, and Paprika).

I'm a believer in supporting the entrepreneurial spirit through Kickstarter, and I'll definitely be donating to this particular campaign, because I want one of those wall-mounted mailboxes for myself!


  1. Good news! I did suggest to him to do a wall mounted box when he first started. American made!

    1. Good call, John. He said he's received hundreds of emails from people who want a wall-mount version.