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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Anni Albers

Anni Albers (1899-1994) (born Annelise Fleischmann) was a German textile designer, weaver, writer and printmaker. She grew up in an affluent home and had studied art as a child, but she was expected to live a traditional domestic life as her mother had done. She rebelled and chose to pursue an education in art at the Bauhaus, where she became a student in 1922.

There she enrolled in the weaving workshop and began to experiment with new materials. Embracing modernism, she used straight lines and bold colors to create wall hangings.

She met her husband, famed artist Josef Albers, at the Bauhaus shortly after she enrolled, and the couple was married in 1925. When the school was forced to close in 1933, the couple emigrated to the United States, where they both took teaching positions at Black Mountain College in North Carolina.

In 1950 the Alberses moved to Connecticut, in order for Josef to accept the position of chairman of the Department of Design at Yale University. In 1951, Anni began her three-decades long collaboration with Knoll Textiles. Her designs have had a lasting effect in the field of textile design.

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Albers at the loom

Josef and Anni Albers




In Orbit

La Luz

Red Meander

Open Letter

Six Prayers

Under Way


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  1. Image chasing while ID'ing pottery I came across that awesome "Pasture". Beautiful pattern, striking perfect color balance. Weave on!