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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lucia DeRespinis

Lucia DeRespinis (1927- ) became an industrial designer in the 1950s when the field was dominated by men.

When she entered the Pratt Institute, she was one of only 3 women in a class of 63. She graduated in 1952 after studying under Rowena Redd Kostellow and Eva Zeisel and went to work for George Nelson, where she says she "designed everything from rugs to tableware to exhibits and trade shows to graphics to restaurants to interiors."

After about a year and a half at the Nelson office, she began to work on clocks with Irving Harper. DeRespinis designed four notable clocks: the Turbine, the Spindle, Model 2237, and the Eye. DeRespinis intended for the Eye clock to be hung horizontally, but Vitra Design Museum offers a vertical orientation and calls it the Lyre.

She later worked freelance, most notably designing the pink and orange Dunkin' Donuts logo for Sandgren & Murtha, Minners & Co. She currently teaches at the Pratt Institute.

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Model 2237

Turbine clock

Spindle clock

Eye clock

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