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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

And while we're on the subject of bedding...

My previous post was about bedding in my grandsons' room, and before moving on to a new topic, I'll continue the theme a bit longer.

For years I've bought my bedding from Crate and Barrel, until I purchased a lightweight quilt from West Elm about a year ago. While there's nothing wrong with the WE Nomad quilt I have, I've found myself missing the more substantial heft of the C&B quilts I've owned in the past, so I'm planning a purchase soon.

My favorite Crate and Barrel quilt style is the reversible Raj. I think the pattern is suitable for a home with strong mid-century leanings. For quite some time, it was only available in khaki and gray*, but the company has added light blue, bright blue, purple and green to the lineup. Now my only problem is choosing a color.

Crate and Barrel Raj quilts
(from top: khaki, grey, purple, green, bright blue, light blue)

I'll probably go with the gray and use brightly colored throw pillows so I can change color schemes later if I wish, but that bright blue is really tempting.

Raj in Grey
Note: I use the typically American spelling "gray," while the Crate and Barrel color name is "Grey"...helpful to know only if you go in for decorating trivia games, I suppose.