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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Something old, something new

While we're happily keeping the original Chambers wall oven and stove top from 1950, all the rest of our appliances will be brand spankin' new. We are leaving our refrigerator, washer, and dryer for the buyers of our house, so Saturday was appliance buying day for us.

We bought everything online from Appliances Connection, and I believe, based on my experience when I built the "modernist nest" a few years ago, it's the only way to shipping, great customer service, professional delivery, and, best of all, no sales tax. We checked prices, and theirs were cheaper on every single item in our cart, sometimes several hundred dollars less. Here's what we chose:

Samsung French door refrigerator

Samsung dishwasher

Samsung top-load washer

Samsung electric dryer

One of the difficulties I've encountered twice when buying refrigerators for mid-century homes is limited space. Refrigerators simply weren't as big back then as they are now, and very often a 36" model won't fit into the original cut-out. Most of the narrower refrigerators were around 22 cubic feet in capacity, and we wanted something larger. After searching long and hard, we finally found one with the right exterior dimensions and a 26 cubic foot interior capacity.

Our next challenge was to find a steam dryer that has a direct water line, rather than having to be filled manually. My daughter specifically wanted a top-load washer, and after my bad experience with a Kenmore front loader, so did I. At first, the only dryers we could find with a water inlet matched front-load washers, but we finally located a pair that met both our specifications.

Choosing a dishwasher was easier. All my daughter insisted upon was that it be ultra quiet. I had no particular demands. We found that 42-44 dBA was about as quiet as they come, with most being 50 or so. We found one we both liked that was listed a <44, so it was added to the cart without as much gnashing of teeth as the other items caused.

Now, with any luck, they'll be here by tomorrow...move-in day...or at least within a few days.


  1. I'm glad you found the appliances that you wanted- it is so frustrating shopping for those things. I will be getting a new fridge soon and I'll definitely checkout the source you shared. Thx! Fingers crossed that they show up tomorrow and that it's not raining.

    1. It was pouring rain the entire day, but they showed up and worked diligently, even though they were dripping wet. It was a hellish day from beginning to end, as most moving days are, but we made it! :)

  2. What no LCD TV in the refrigerator? Saw those at Lowe's. The Energy Star refrigerators have thicker insulation.

    1. I've seen those too. Alas, we'll have to cook sans TV.

  3. Hey Dana - good luck with the move, and I'm eagerly awaiting pictures of your renovations. Question for you ... I just purchased two Carter Bros. scoop chairs and I had a few questions about the refurb done on yours. I would have emailed you directly, but couldn't find your email address. Feel free to email me at I am going to have to remove the upholstery from my chairs and I'm wondering whether you have any experience with that. Thanks!

    1. We got our chairs so many years ago that it's going to take me some time to think back on our experience. I'll email you when our move is over and my mind is a little clearer. :)