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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best of both worlds

I have tremendous admiration for Kosta Boda glass designer Bertil Vallien. I also love Dansk candleholders, so when I found that Vallien designed the silver plated spiral candleholder we just got for the store, I was delighted.

He's been retained by Kosta Boda since 1963, so I'm still trying to find out when and under what circumstances Jens Quistgaard got him to design for Dansk. The piece we have is 5" tall and 4.5" wide and holds twelve of the 15" tall tiny tapers that are .25" in diameter. Once the candles are in place, it has quite a presence. Some other sellers have taken beautiful shots of it from very interesting angles that I just have to share too.

Our Dansk candleholder
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thegroove at
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Vallien (1938- ), one of Europe's most respected artists in glass, is known for his sculpted boat forms, as well as for his figurative faces or heads with masks. Sometimes the faces are contained within another modernist form, "suggesting a trapped soul," according to a biography. He also makes beautiful, functional vases and bowls.

The Reader, cast and cut glass
Apology, cast and cut glass
Vallien altarpiece at Brännkyrka church south of Stockholm
Vases and bowls


  1. I have always loved the spiral candle holder and have long been an admirer of Kosta Boda designs. I'm coveting all of the above designs.

  2. Enjoying reading this again now that I have a spiral to list. Did you ever pinpoint years he worked for Dansk? Mine is marked France.

  3. Jenny, I never have found out. I see you've asked the question on Twitter, and I'll be interested to see what others know about it.