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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Simply beautiful

Not long ago, I found a very interesting blog called fiftyrings, written by woodworker Evan Andersen. It is devoted to mid-century and modern wood furniture and is filled with great images that I think you would enjoy. Recently Evan featured another woodworker named Ryan Mails on his blog. Ryan's website, Mails Wood Work, showcases some of the most beautiful handmade furniture I've seen. In addition to selling from his site, he has an Etsy shop.

Ryan Mails has a MA in Public History and has one of the most fascinating and readable profiles I've found on the Etsy site. His educational background in history and his research of 19th-century homes and early Southern furniture intensified an appreciation for and understanding of early handcrafting which had its start during his childhood. He comes from a long line of accomplished craftsmen. His grandfather was a woodworker and his uncle, a master carpenter. His father, a painter and architect, practiced in San Francisco and Seattle, and passed on his love of Modernist design to his son.

Ryan says of his own work:

And so, I too consider myself a student of my craft. I consider my workshop a place to explore, and my collection of early tools an archive. It is a good life, and I trust that it shows in my work.

See for yourself. I think you'll fall in love with the beautiful simplicity and expert craftsmanship of his modern design.

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Springboard table
Gull-Wing bench
Lebanon table
Floating desk
Coffee table
Gull-Wing stool
Welcome shelf


  1. Wow - his pieces look so vintage, I'm impressed. What a great solution for someone who cannot find the perfect vintage piece: have it made, instead.

  2. Floating desk...

    Now that's sheer poetry!

  3. @Tanya: I thought of you and your quest for a desk for your husband when I saw the Springboard table.

  4. @1950sarh: Isn't that gorgeous? And I really like the Welcome shelf too. I'd love to have one in my entryway.

  5. nice find...this way, prices of vintage pieces will nto pushed through the room :)