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Saturday, May 21, 2011

In the store: Fruitful picking

In addition to the Adrian Pearsall sofa and chair, my SIL's picking trip to Austin yielded some fabulous finds. As promised, here's a look at them:

1960s Click Clack sofa

Packard Bell "Space Age" console stereo

Hairpin leg side table with dropfront storage

Pair of American of Martinsville end tables

Spun fiberglass coffee table by Russell Woodard
(No, it's really not rattan!)

2-drawer side table, circa 1963

A better look at the 1960s Adrian Pearsall gondola sofa with plush upholstery.
We call it "Oscar the Couch."

...and the matching Adrian Pearsall chair


  1. That Packard Bell console matches my 50's Packard Bell TV perfectly! If I lived closer, you'd have a sale. :)

  2. Oscar the couch. That is too funny! Great finds - I hope people buy them like hotcakes.

  3. I m sure they will be off the floor in no time..beautiful finds..why am i not close to your place :(..i would have taken the pearsall off your hands :)

  4. Love that Click Clack sofa! Why must we live so far apart!
    The table made of fiberglass is so interesting, have you found any other examples of fiberglass instead of wicker in your research?

  5. @monogirl: While I was researching our table, I found a few contemporary fiberglass tables, but the only vintage pieces I found were the typical lampshades, shell chairs and the wicker style like ours, which was sold as outdoor furniture.

  6. Wow, some incredible finds Dana. Tell your SIL to shop for me too! LOL