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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

East German pottery: Strehla

The Strehla factory was located in a small town of the same name, in what was formerly East Germany. Most collectors consider it so similar to the ceramics being produced in West Germany at the time that they include it in their discussions of "fat lava."

The company was in operation from 1828 until 1989. It produced both utilitarian and decorative pieces. Most of the decorative ceramics were made of white or off-white clay. The markings often included only the form designation, but not the height. The company logo was stamped onto the clay before glazing and was often so blurry that it was only recognizable by its shape. Most Strehla pieces are not very tall (between 14-21 cm/5.5-8.3″).

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  1. Love the Strehla pieces with the rustic applied lava decoration

    1. I've never seen a Strehla piece in person, but I've seen photos of several pieces I think I'd like to own.